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Who is Martyn Henniker?

Get to know the man behind the pottery

Martyn Henniker was born in Devon.

Art and Design has always featured strongly in his life.

Martyn studied Exhibition and Museum Design at Plymouth College of Art and Design and then went on to gain a BAHons in the same subject at Hull University.

In 1994 Martyn moved to Cornwall, where he met his wife, Sarah. In 2000 they had there daughter, Tegan. At this point in time Martyn had expressed an interest in taking up pottery as a hobby. His wife approached the late Chy Gwynn potter, Ben Barker for lessons. Sadly, at this stage Ben had stopped tuition due to illness. As fate would have it, Sarah later became one of Ben's carer's and it transpired that one of Ben's pupils, Jack Worpole was now providing tuition at the pottery. As a surprise, Sarah booked some pottery sessions, and so the love affair with pottery began. 

With the expert knowledge and mentorship of Ben, and the continued tuition from Jack, Martyn quickly progressed, and found that pottery came naturally to him.

After a few months, Martyn was so hooked, he decided to design and build his own pottery, and so  Polgear Pottery was born. What was once a milking parlour on his small holding, was now his studio.

His enthusiasm and desire to master the skills it takes to work with clay continue to grow every day. In the world of pottery, you never stop learning!


Martyn Henniker

Polgear Pottery Owner

The Man and His Pottery: Meet the Team



Polgear Pottery is nestled in the beautiful Cornish countryside at the end of a rural farm lane.

It is a wonderful addition to our smallholding.

Many moons ago, the studio was a milking parlour, but has  now been loving renovated into Polgear Pottery studio.


The heart of the pottery!

My choice was the Laser. The main reason for this, was my mentor Ben Barker, Master Potter had the same make, and it proved to be a trustworthy kiln for many a year.

The gas to power the kiln is supplied by a local company, continuing with our ethos to support the Cornish economy as much as possible.


My wheel of choice is the Rhodes. It is very responsive, with easy speed controls. It is extremely quiet, a bonus when immersing myself in the therapeutic process of throwing. The adjustable seat means I can remain comfortable, even after spending many hours at the wheel.


I am extremely lucky to have Doble's clay pit right on my doorstep.

Doble's has been a working clay pit since 1910, and has supplied many accomplished potters including Bernard Leach of St Ives.

If you are ever in Cornwall it is well worth a visit. The clay pit is situated in a magnificent location - right on the cliff top at St Agnes.

There is something very satisfying about collecting your own, fantastic quality clay, and then producing your creations.


Polgear Pottery

Where creativity happens

The Man and His Pottery: Meet the Team
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